Instructional Design
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Course Concepts Under Development

  • Digital Rhetoric and Democracy
  • Introduction to Ecocomposition
Instructional Technology
  • Low-Tech Teaching
  • Trends in Instructional Technology
  • Eco-TESOL
  • Western Academic Writing
Past EFL Course Resource Pages

Fall 2014

Spring 2013
  • Creative Writing: Exploring Forms (创意写作)

Fall 2012

Spring 2012

Fall 2011
Keeping with the spirit of a student-centered classroom, I design all of my introductory courses to be driven by students' own needs and interests. This motivates students to find meaningful connections to challenging concepts in composition and rhetoric. The goal is that students use language to gather, share, and create knowledge in a holistic, interdisciplinary environment focused on universal themes of free thought, critical thinking, and civic engagement.